Making your Brand Stand Out!

Making your Brand Stand Out!

Making your Brand Stand Out!


 “Your clients don’t just want to display products,” says Nelson Feliciano, founder of Graphic World "—they want to entertain and wow.”


Graphic World


This week we are featuring a high-quality printing company, which delivers digital printing, fabric print displays and digital signage called Graphic World. Read Nelson’s story as he reflects on his 20 years’ of experience in this industry and tells you what clients really want.

Where we Started

“It all started as a small sign company in my home’s driveway. I originally cut vinyl into different colors for car plates. I began to work in sales in the cosmetic industry and slowly began to expand my network. My first major contract was with Clinique and from there we just blossomed.”

Making your Brand Stand Out

Nelson saw Makitso® USA at a digital signage show in 2014 and was so impressed with the quality of our Blade Digital Kiosks that he purchased two of them. “I saw these products as an opportunity for us to grow. At Graphic World our motto is ‘Our products will make your brand stand out!’ and Makitso® USA helps us fit that role perfectly,” says Nelson.

Leading the Market

Graphic World has proven prevalent in the local market thus far dominating 85% of the cosmetic printing industry including Lancôme, Estée Lauder, and Garnier in Puerto Rico and surrounding islands. Nelson has also sold Makitso® USA worldwide. He is currently working on a exclusive marketing campaign that would include our products to assist in elevating the event.

Added Value

“The value Makitso® USA brings to my company is invaluable. We are constantly switching out promotions for our clientele and Makitso® USA keeps up with demand for innovation and awe-factor. Your products really give me an edge over my competition and I am excited for our growing relationship.” says Nelson.

Client Report

Recently, Graphic World serviced ‘Shout Your Beauty’ in Puerto Rico, a large L’Oréal summit that hosted multiple countries and islands including Aruba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and many more. New makeup lines, shampoo promotions and skincare lines were broadcast on Makitso® USA’s WaveLight Backlit Displays.

“I brought 16 rented WaveLight® displays to the convention and walked out with none,” says Nelson, “after seeing them set up, the client bought all of them!“

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Make Your Brand Stand Out with BrandStand International and Makitso USA Display products.

Makitso® USA and Graphic World in Perth Rico.