Our Story

Offices of Brandstand® International and the Makitso® USA story.

(Head Office and Printing Facility for BrandStand® International – Guangzhou, CN)


In 1998, BrandStand® International started as a large format printing company in Guangzhou, China and launched it’s first international distribution for portable exhibit displays in the US in 2006 as BrandStand® America. CEO, Ralph Canaphany, an Aussie native, believed design and innovation should be the driving force for success and that the US exhibit display industry and audience was open to new ideas. Today distribution has grown worldwide and we have offices in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and US – not to mention our expanding network in the Middle East, Canada, Puerto Rico and South America.

In 2015, our US operations had a change in vision and BrandStand® International parted ways with BrandStand® America. This created a new branding opportunity for BrandStand® International, which reopened distribution in January of 2016 in Stafford, TX as Makitso® USA. We have stayed loyal to our belief in quality printing and leading the market in innovation, winning two industry awards in the first year of operation: Best Digital Interactive Table at DSE 2017 and Buyers Choice Award at ExhibitorLive 2018 and 2019.


We have changed the face of the US industry several times over the years with the introduction of new and original products: starting with the OneFabric, WaveLine®, WaveLIne® Media, Brandcusi and now in 2017, WaveLight® – the first tension fabric light box on the market and only available through Makitso® USA.

Then there’s our 24 hour production team, working round-the-clock to deliver high-quality print media and displays to trade show and events – 7 days a week, around the globe. We also have a dynamic engineering team, ready to adapt and produce custom designs within days to meet your specs, tight deadlines and turn you into a loyal customer for life.

The forecast for the exhibit and event Industry is exciting with digital displays, fabric light boxes and inflatables setting the trends and future vision of portable display marketing. Makitso® USA and BrandStand® International continue to grow and flourish and at our core is the simple belief that innovative design is the life-blood of the entire exhibit industry – and good design leads trends, shatters preconceptions and builds better relationships between us and our customers.