Makitso® USA Team

The (Make-it-so) Team

Can Li

Design Director

Can Li leads the design team work closely with our international team together to optimize the design process, communicates specifications to both teams and complete the design with high quality. She enjoys going to the movies, painting, and taking care of our little secret treasure Rita.

Martin Altman

Sales Manager

“Work hard, play hard and you will find balance within yourself” is the motto Martin abides by. As a Senior Account Executive, Martin handles sales, account management, business development and generates new business.

Dave Mateer

Senior Account Executive

Dave oversees new client accounts and works above and beyond to build lasting relationships with all our dealers. Dave is also a professional photographer, actor and fluent in sarcasm. His quick wit and humor  keeps a smile on all our faces.

RJ Wilcox

Senior Account Executive

RJ leads our Digital Media Department, has an extensive background in technology and thrives in custom projects with detailed build specs. Aside from being a veteran member of the Makitso® USA team, he is also a member of the local Clutch Crew motorcycle and community service club.

Alyssa Spooner

Pre-Flight Production Specialist

When Alyssa isn’t filling the halls with her lovely singing voice, she’s overseeing every print order, from proofing graphics to order tracking to final print approval –all with efficiency and professionalism. As a Louisiana native, she also brags on her delicious cooking…daily.

Sarah Leal

Customer Service Manager

Sarah helps dealers get the best out of Makitso® USA in a consistently friendly manner and is the face behind our website chats. Sarah’s big heart combined with her love of taking care of clients makes her a perfect addition to the team. She loves to ride bikes and spend as much time as possible with her lovely children.

Ashley Coffey

Customer Service Agent

Ashley is integral to the success of Makitso® USA’s customer service relations and dealer engagement. When she’s not helping clients process orders and highlight key details, she’s turning heads in the office with her glamorous hairstyles. She also plays an essential role in her family run foundation based on feeding and clothing the homeless of Houston.

LaCarla Marshall


Rich in organization skills, LaCarla’s attention to detail helps keep Makitso® USA financials in order. LaCarla excels at bookkeeping, human resources and collecting essential data to help make us a more efficient and professional business.Aside from keeping the office's accounts in order, LaCarla, a proud Navy mom, warms us all with an array of home baked delicious treats and delicacies.

David Morales

IT/ Digital Media Specilaist

Through detail, design, planning and execution, David, our jack-of-all-trades, makes sure Makito® USA is running smoothly in the background. From customer service and digital media output to product installation and job tracking, Dave has it covered. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his delightful wife, playing games and admiring classic cars.

Ghassan Zaqtan

Warehouse Manager

Ghassan plans and organizes our distribution warehouse, ensuring that production processes run reliably and efficiently –from daily operations and inventory control to project building and order scheduling. He sports his navy and and white weekly, ready to cheer on the Club Atlético General Lamadrid with his many friends and family.

Ever Gonzalez

Production Specialist

If anyone can “make it happen”, it’s Ever. As a production specialist, Ever oversees every order that runs through our warehouse from hardware assembly and graphic installation to shipping and receiving. And when he’s not at Makitso® USA working fast and furious, he’s off on the weekends driving one of many fast cars.

Marlon Cruz

Production Specialist

Marlon specializes in order processing and receiving for our incoming and outgoing stock and materials.  Marlons ever-growing product knowledge makes him a key component in our hardware assembly and graphic installation department.  Every Friday after work he turns in his work shoes for fútbol cleats to school his amigos on and off the field.